Sir Stevens Time

The girl

Ideally prefer a girl that has no family ties, possibly been brought up in care. Education is not over paramount important, providing she is willing to learn..

I do not want a girl who has not yet matured in the way she acts.
So preferably she would be over the age of 22 or 23,
I would consider someone younger in the right circumstances.
The top age as far as I'm concerned would be somewhere in the range of 35 years old.

Family ties
I would prefer it if the girl had no family ties, possibly brought up in care.

She would have no young children, possibly older children would be considered.

I do not intend to spend months and months getting to know the girl, I would prefer if she were willing to move to my home, within a very short period of time.

The reason for this is simple I have talked to girls for over five years, and been led to believe that they would be moving in, and have both been let down and hurt by them.

What you can expect
The young lady in question will have her own bedroom, and the on-call 24 hours a day.
To serve as I require.
Although sex will be involved, I do not think that the amount would be excessive.

She would learn and work within my property business, learning the ins and outs of the business. Which hopefully will allow her to go on and be successful in her own right .

She would become part of the family from the very beginning.

I believe this is an exceptional opportunity for the right girl



. .

I am looking for a girl to join us 24/7.

To form a Polly household.

I am into domestic discipline..... as well as other kinky activities.
































This is a genuine opportunity for the right girl

As an experienced master I have some very strict rules, and any submissive wishing to join me would need to understand that I expect full obedience with out question. you need to convince me that you are genuine and commited

My home is full equipped for